#1: Initial Impression to “Missundaztood” by Pink.

The album I chose to do for my Introduction to Mass Media Class Blog Project was Pink’s “Missundaztood”. The reason I chose to do this album was basically due to judging a book by it’s cover and thinking that choosing a more “modern” artist would be a lot easier to interpret. Judging the title and the album cover, I thought it would be a fun hip-hoppy/pop album, thus, being pretty interesting. I have never really listened to Pink (which is another reason why I chose the album), nor did I know who she was, other than the girl with pink hair.

My initial impression of the album before listening to it fully, was that this is another one of those typical and cliche girl band’s who sings about her struggles in life and her boyfriend troubles. I have heard a couple of songs by Pink on the radio and always switched the station, reason being was just because I always try and skip the mainstream pop music. However, after fully listening to the album, I actually enjoyed it. Something about this album just made me want to continue to listen; perhaps the various rock elements added in, her raspy yet beautiful voice, or the fun beats in the background? Another element I enjoyed of the album was the actual lyrics, she wasn’t singing about how rich she is, bragging about her life, etc…her lyrics were REAL and emotional experiences. Throughout some songs, I noticed she sings about her life struggles; which included her parents always fighting. I deeply connected to that because I have experienced some of those events when my parents divorced when I was at a very young age.

A theme that I noticed throughout the album was “My life was at a downfall, but now I’m going to get back up and prove you all wrong”. Although the mood seems almost pessimistic at times, listening to the lyrics carefully shows that Pink gives a big “eff you” to everyone, trying to prove that despite everything, she’ll get through it (perhaps where the album title comes from), and now she’s back. That is another thing I enjoyed about the album, there is this “bad ass” and rebellious vibe. Which of course, doesn’t put her in the category of one of those cliche pop/rock girls who sing about how drunk she got last night.

Although, I mostly enjoyed the album, I think it belongs at a lame party with fifteen year olds, who aren’t old enough to drink yet. If not at a lame party, I think this album belongs on 102.7, playing very softly while I wait to get my name called into the dentist’s office. Some of the slower songs which I didn’t really like just gave off a sad and depressing tone/mood. Overall, I would give the album a 3.5 out of 5.






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