The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: Bush Family Fortune

After watching “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: Bush Family Fortunes”, I had many reactions and opinions. Although politics isn’t exactly my “cherry on top” and I don’t exactly care for it, I learned many things. As well as, I realized my great unawareness of politics; this is probably the reason for my shocking reactions at many times during this video.

I didn’t like the way the video had so much extra stuff in it which I didn’t need to see like the unnecessary car scene or the oil process (especially with the annoying squeaking sound in the background). Kind of puts a bad first impression to the video when I first starting watching it and made it pretty tedious. Just get to the point already.

However, I did enjoy many parts such as how the beginning of the video began with an interview with Clayton Roberts, Director of Elections and took a sudden left turn. He just abruptly ends the interview and walks away. After being asked if he basically bought the elections for the Republic party, he ironically refuses to answer and just avoids the question. This made me want to continue watching more and “drew” me in.

In the video when Greg Palast interviewed two of George Bush’s old college roommates, one of them stated “military was something we’d have to deal with”. I completely agree with that statement, you cannot avoid it. It made me think of all the previous times when I’ve heard people say how much they hated Bush because “he got us into the war in Iraq”. In my opinion, it would have happened at some point perhaps, no? So you can hate Bush for other specific reasons, but that is something that would have ended up happening anyways. This thought goes hand-in-hand with when the roommates also stated that he was pretty much made an “asshole” in scripted and edited versions of videos and interviews. According to the roommate, he is a fun and relaxed guy. I actually felt remorseful towards Bush at that moment. Thinking realistically, negative propaganda can exaggerate things and certain situations greatly. Not saying he didn’t make some bad decisions, but in my opinion he’s probably not THAT bad of a guy.

What REALLY shocked me in the video was the fact that George Bush’s military records were incomplete. But why? The first thought that came to my mind was to cover up any “screw-ups” he had done. Moments later, that is exactly what Bill Burkett said. According to Burkett, the reason was to “make sure nothing would embarrass Governor Bush”.

Another thing I found completely insane was how there were almost 200,000 votes in the election that were not counted. All those votes were from African-American people who were supposedly “criminals”, according to the D.B.T. Choice Point list of felons that was made, whose names were NEVER verified. That results in 95% inaccuracy, which affects the voting results GREATLY.

Overall, the video was a complete shock to me. Greg Palast is a great example of the fifth estate and provides facts about the great corruption in Government, which you can never trust. It’s all about money, you have money you get what you want (including power) and everything goes smoothly. Just like Greg Palast said “Money get’s them office, office makes them even more money. It’s called the Bush cycle”.


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