#3: Most Calming Song! “Tomorrow”

Another song on this album I enjoy is “Tomorrow”. Although it sounds very depressing because of the acoustic guitars in the background and the slow beats, it makes me very relaxed and calm. Unlike the rest of the songs on this album, this song is very different. It is a slow song featuring Avril’s great soft vocals. Which in my opinion, makes the song even better because it just “fits”. It is very general, and not about a specific event, but in my opinion, just about the difficulties or hard decisions in life, keeping in mind the positive outcomes that the future or “tomorrow” holds. The chorus of the song basically sums up the entire message of the song and says:

 “I don’t know how I’ll feel

Tomorrow, tomorrow,

I don’t know what to say

Tomorrow, tomorrow

Is a different day”.

 To me these are very familiar and meaningful words. Whenever something goes wrong or not the way I would like it to, in my eyes, everything will be alright the next day. At those times, I just do not know what to say or even how to react, which is understanding why Avril would say she doesn’t know how she will feel or what to say. Just like what one of my tattoos says, and like my grand mother says “Sleep it off, tomorrow is a new day. Everything will be okay”. That is what I get from this chorus and it is very significant to me.

Looking through Avril’s point of view, her life at that age was very difficult. She had to earn everything she got, she didn’t just get to where she is now without any effort. It is amazing to me that Avril had a recording contract locked in when she was at the age of sixteen! That, of course had it’s downfalls such as Avril having to drop out of school after the eleventh grade. After having to make very difficult decisions in her teenage years, Avril always thought about “tomorrow” and what the future has in store for her because of her amazing talents and efforts, with constant motivation and determination. There are always situations and experiences in everyone’s lives that are not so great, but what personally gets me through my days, is thinking about my future and that I still have so many years left to live and learn. This song gets a high rating of 4 out of 5!




#2: Favorite Song. “Complicated”

One of my favorite songs on this album is “Complicated” because of how much this songs reflects on my life and I. I discovered it after hearing it on the radio. Whenever I listened to this song, I always thought and still think of my best friend. This was probably not the meaning of the song through Avril’s eyes, but that is why this is my favorite song I connected to it in a different way. When I was younger, and even to this day, me and my best friend would have little quarrels because I thought she was always someone else in front me and then in front of her friends and vice versa. It all makes sense now because of the age we were at at that time, but like the song said “You’re tryin’ to be cool you look like a fool to me”…exactly what I felt, it frustrated me so much. More generally, this song could also very well connect to many other people, especially in high school, who were two-faced. “I see the way you’re acting like you’re somebody else gets me frustrated”. That line could not explain my feelings at the time (and still to this day) any more accurately.

Another reason why I like this song is because of the beats and Avril’s range of vocals. Despite the fast playing guitar in the background, Avril still manages to sing slowly but at the same time include such a great message behind the song. Another thing that I absolutely love is the tiny bit of auto tune put in to make her voice almost a little bit raspy…great combination!

After doing some research, Avril’s definition of the song was about previous boyfriends or just in general, how fake people could be. While recording this song she actually said “People sometimes bother me how they’re not real and how they’re just, like, putting on a face and being two-faced”. Being that Avril dropped out of high school only 1-2 years ago to pursue her music career, she was definitely not a stranger to the cliques, “fakeness”, and drama throughout high school, which was a strong motivating factor for this song to be written. Looking through the internet, this song received a huge amount of awards. Not only that, but it was used in various movie soundtracks, video games, parodies and covers. Looks like everyone in some way made a connection to this song! No surprise that this song was one of her singles. Complicated definitely sums up the entire album.

Despite my connection and reaction to this song being pretty negative, it just makes me think of how far I have come with my friend. We have both known each other since we were crawling around in diapers, not being able to talk. The song just makes me see how much good and bad we have went through, but no matter what we’ll always be friends. And for the people in this world, there is always going to be fake and two-faced people. In the words of Avril,“Life’s like this”. ;P

Song gets a rating of 4.5 out of 5!





#1: Why I Chose Avril Lavigne’s “Let Go”

The album I chose to do for the personal album choice was Avril Lavigne’s “Let Go”. I am not very fond of these solo girl bands, however as soon as I saw the album title, I had a little flash of my childhood return to me. Throwback!!! It made me think of so many memories, both good and bad. The album came out in 2002, made me realize that I was only eight years old. Since I was in third grade at this time (WOW), it just reminded me of how awkward of a child I was and how awkward I probably looked when I listened to Avril Lavigne on my CD player. I wasn’t aware of that I guess, but I didn’t care; Avril was like a god to me at that age (I didn’t know better). I certainly did not realize how much of a pain in the ass I was when I would ask my dad to play the CD in the car every single time.

In my opinion, this was the best of all of Avril’s albums. The combination of punk, rock, pop, and country is great! Looks like the audiences agree with me because this was Avril’s most selling album, 19 million copies were sold worldwide! By this time, probably even more copies were sold. Not only that, but making a high spot on the billboard charts. Avril was struggling at this time to “find” herself, the album goes exactly with her style, image, etc. At this time, Avril was very similar to Pink in my opinion. Funny how someone in a review said Avril is “ borrowing Pink’s “tough girl” image” because that is one of the reasons why I chose this album. Despite their huge similarities, Avril strongly distinguishes herself. In her album, Avril wasn’t pretending to be something she’s not (at that time), which most artists do now-a-days just to make money. However, despite Avril being older and more mature, I think she is unfortunately a sell out and pretends too much now that she is so famous. Lastly, the reason why I chose this album was because of the fact that Avril Lavigne writes all her lyrics herself, that distinguishes her from other artists as well as shows how real the experiences and situations in her songs really are. I find it pretty amazing how creative and talented she is for her age at the time, she was only seventeen when this album was recorded. The album gets a rating of 4.5 out of 5!




Privacy? No More!

 Although this stuff is completely obvious, after reading an excerpt from “Filter Bubble” by Eli Parisher, I was completely shocked from realizing what is truly happening and the lack of privacy everyone has now-a-days.

Just like the article says, we all assume that we see the same results in Google. However, that is definitely not the case. Google is not the same as it used to be. By using algorithms, the search engine “personalizes” your search results to fit what is supposedly best for you. I didn’t see this in the news or anything but after a while, I started to get a jist that Google had changed many of their options. When I was on the volleyball team in High School, I was trying to get my stats online as well as show a teammate the same website. I told her “Yea, Google your name and the website”. Of course, the website could not be found, she was getting completely different results from what I was getting. (Similar to Eli’s example that he gave about his friends who were fairly similar trying to both get search about the company “B.P.”.) Now, I’m used to those changes Google made and think it certainly is very convenient (the same goes with cookies), saving me time for homework, school projects, etc; however, it just shows that the government or whoever sees EVERYTHING. Not only that, but how accurate could these “personalized” results be? If I search something I have never searched before and that is completely out of my interests, how do these algorithms know that that is exactly what I am looking for? Another thought, what kind of results would I get if I use a public computer such as at a library? Although I would not be logged in, the algorithms would still incorporate other people’s previous searches into mine.

Another example is Facebook. Just by looking at a random strangers page, you can learn about them in less than a minute; their “likes”, interests, music, books, school they went to, where they work, who they are dating, and even where they live. It is so easy to “creep” on Facebook, even if you are not trying to. I personally, wouldn’t want people seeing “Jessica commented on Sarah’s status saying this and that” or “Bob liked this photo”. Now I finally understand why some of my friends status updates just did not show up. Simply because they posted what I was not interested in.

If you look around, this type of stuff is EVERYWHERE. Take for example you want to buy a new car, you go to General Motors, which is equipped with “On Star”, which is VERY convenient and modern. It includes stolen vehicle tracking, automatic crash response, navigation, and roadside assistance. Doesn’t that mean if you use those features, the On Star employees constantly know where you are located? As if they are always spying on you. A popular radio host I sometimes listen, Alex Jones bought a new General Motors car, which was equipped with On Star. He actually went to a garage and had employees rip out the On Star system. Not a common request at the mechanic’s shop. Ha!This “filter bubble” exists everywhere, not just in search engines and e-mails, even in Netflix or more generally, television. For example, different news channels speak differently (negatively or positively) about certain individuals or events, trying to convince us to follow a certain viewpoint. If you watch Fox News, they’ll give you one opinion about Obama, if you watch MSNBC, they’ll give you an entirely different opinion about Obama. As said by Negroponte “Tomorrow will allow you to vary sex, violence, and political leaning”. Well there you go, we already have the political leaning throughout different channels on television. But we also have the ability to control what goes on our television with an installation of a chip or parental controls.

Privacy is certainly something everyone wants to have. But something as “private” as e-mails even gets tracked. For example, just now when I was logged into my Google school e-mail, trying to find one of my FAFSA e-mails, I was shocked to find an advertisement on the top saying exactly this “Want a $10,000 scholarship?! No essay, no GPA, no stress! Apply now!”. To me that is absolutely INSANE. This lack of privacy “flattens society”, just like it stated in The Filter Bubble.

Overall, I think Companies do not care about their customers, they would pretty much do anything just to get money from us, either illegally or legally. Of course, cookies, and these algorithms are convenient and cost nothing to us. (No one would like to be overwhelmed by millions of uninteresting information, posts, news, etc) But this lack of privacy and censorship is repulsive. There just seems to be no solutions, if we were to completely get rid of advertisements, all websites would demand a fee just to enter or view the content. Soon enough, we will be like puppets on strings, controlled by the government (even more than we are now).





Rush Limbaugh’s Harsh Remarks

Rush Limbaugh is an American radio host, hosting “The Rush Limbaugh Show”. Just like reading in “Mass Media in a Changing World”, Limbaugh is a typical shock jock. His show includes political commentary, as well as commentary that crosses the line.

Sandra Fluke is a student at Georgetown University Law Center as well as a women’s advocate. Having a friend that suffered from ovarian cysts and was in need of contraceptive hormones but could not afford it, Fluke decided to stand up for the cause and speak before Democrats about the inadequate coverage of birth control by the university’s health insurance plan. She stated that low income women in the university could not afford the pill, and the free health clinics could not solve their problems either.

In late February, Limbaugh reacted to Fluke’s contraceptive mandate. He stated “What does it say about the college coed Susan Fluke, who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex? What does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex.” (Phew, that’s harsh). Later on he states “she’s having so much sex she can’t afford her own birth control pills and she agrees that Obama should provide them”.

After viewing various interviews with Sandra Fluke, she was absolutely stunned and outraged at Rush Limbaugh’s remarks. (I was certainly stunned and of course, would be outraged if someone called me a slut.) Limbaugh apologized on March 3rd, 2012 saying his “choice of words weren’t the best”. Of course, Rush couldn’t help not adding some type of sarcastic humor in an apology that was supposed to be sincere. Sandra Fluke denied that apology saying “it was inadequate”.

In response, Rush gained a huge amount of negative attention. Many of his radio sponsors pulled their ads from Rush Limbaugh’s radio show, who did not want anything to do with him due to his crude remarks. A Today Show reporter stated “he does it for a living, he makes comments so more people talk about him, listen to his radio show, and buy his books”. Even The Daily Show’s John Stewart stated that Rush Limbaugh “is just a terrible person”. A huge national stir occurred.

Part of the reason for Rush Limbaugh’s hurtful comments was perhaps for attention. Just like John Stewart said, Rush Limbaugh automatically assumes that Sandra Fluke has so much sex that she cannot even afford anymore birth control pills. This isn’t the first time Rush is involved in such a controversy, but this was the biggest ones. Another motive for Limbaugh’s comments, in my opinion was due to the overall issue itself. “A University’s lack of health insurance coverage for birth control” is not something that is heard in front of a congressional committee usually and just sounds a little funny.

After researching, I was COMPLETELY shocked to find out that the Rush Limbaugh Show is one of the top most listened to radio stations in America. But why? He just uses his crude commentary and criticizes people. Unfortunately, that is what we all like to hear (maybe not all of us, but most), like it or not. We all like that different approach on political events with that little twist. Of course we all stay stupid stuff that we can’t take back (especially a live radio show), but in my opinion, Rush Limbaugh just went way too far. I completely reject these comments. Reason being, I would definitely not like being called derogatory names and think he should of just kept it to himself, not say it on public radio. Round of applause for Rush Limbaugh!






#6: Final Impression and Reviews!

After listening to the album for two weeks in different environments; while driving, on the train going to school, on a rainy/lazy day at home, or just walking, I was effected in different ways. Some days I just could not stand listening to Pink because the album brought my mood down. However, some other days songs like “Don’t Let Me Get Me” and “Get This Party Started” woke me the hell up and made me smile.

This album was released in November 2001, and I think it was just released at a very wrong time. Two months previous to the album release, the tragic September 11th terrorist attacks occurred. I felt at this time, nobody really gave a crap about this album, people were grieving from the horrible results of the World Trade Center. Maybe that was why the album gradually gained more and more success over a period of time.

 Some reviews I found online:


“She has a growing gift for songwriting, a unique singing style, and I just love that little wobble in her voice.”

 “This album rocks, tunes are catchy and fun, got great beat and great heartfelt messages.
always a great album to listen to while driving.”

 “I just keep playing this CD. I am about twice as old as P!nk and think this album is just fantastic. The beat is perfect, and suits her voice exactly. I also listen to lyrics and this CD is not lacking in that area either.”

 Overall, I mostly agree with all the positive reviews. I believe Pink has a gift for songwriting and singing with her heartfelt messages. Majority of her lyrics I can relate to due to similar experiences throughout my life. Her raspy yet beautiful voice are great.



“When will artists realize that “Nobody understands my pain. Nobody likes me. I am so misunderstood and unappreciated” is not a good act to try to make a career out of. Pink is just trying to sell the rebel rocker thing too hard here. The only song I like is “Just Like a Pill,” and don’t ask me why I even like that. Her first CD was so much better. “

 “Pink has a good voice, but the “no one likes me, no one understands me” act is irritating and tiring. She tries so hard to be different, that it comes off as a pure ACT. She name-drops too much, but I give her credit for effort in writing lyrics that TRY to be controversial. If one is indeed so original and controversial, she wouldn’t have to try so hard, and it would show! “

 I both agree and disagree with some of the negative reviews that were made. The first negative review states that the album has a repetitive motif of “nobody understands my pain, nobody likes me”. Although it is true (as I said the same thing in the first blog), I believe Pink is an exception to these cliché motifs. She provides REAL and emotional experiences, which do say “nobody likes me” blah blah BUT she does incorporate lyrics that portray rebellion and that at the end, she will make it out okay no matter what, which makes me respect her. (Look at her now, she is successful, married, and has a healthy child).

 With some of my statements, I feel like I am contradicting myself but it is because of my mixed feelings for this album on different days and in different environments. Overall, I was neutral with this album at the end, I did not hate it nor did I like it. Pink wants to break free from the stereotypes and that is exactly what she did in this album, in my opinion. At times, I did get really tired of the same beats, the slow songs, and the same motif. However, I did enjoy songs that provided me with somewhat of a challenge behind their meaning and compared various things using metaphors. The album gets the same rating from when I started listening to it. 3.5 out of 5!




#5: Song I enjoyed!

Another song I really enjoyed was “Just Like a Pill” because I could relate to it. At the end, I was even singing along to it.

At first I did not fully understand this song and misinterpreted the meaning, thinking it was about drugs. After looking up the lyrics and reading them, the song seems like Pink was comparing an ex boyfriend to a pill. The lyrics “where you LEFT me”, “what have you DONE”, etc. are all in past tense,which is what led me to that thought. Although the lyrics are simple, the entire song is a metaphor, which is why I liked it. It provides a challenge to the meaning, hence making the song interesting.

In my opinion, this song is about Pink’s ex boyfriend who dumped her (cliche…yes, but it gets better). She was with this guy who meant everything to her and who she really cared about, but there was just something wrong and missing. She was so into this guy, that she blocked out everything in her life, friends, family, etc. and depended on him, and only him. But after being dumped, it seemed like a piece of her was missing. His “dose” was just not enough in the relationship. “’Stead of making me better, you’re making me ill”. That lyric explains what was wrong, Pink knew he wasn’t the right person in her life, but she was just so “addicted” to him (like a pill) and it was just making her crazy. Hence the lyrics “I can’t stay on your LIFE support, there’s a SHORTAGE in the switch. I can’t stay on your morphine ’cause it’s making me ITCH”. Once again, the same motif, his contribution to the relationship was just not enough, and she was just itching for more. In addition, another hidden thing I started to get a hint of was that Pink was comparing the nurse to her life and that “it was being a little bitch”. Nothing just seemed to fall into place for Pink at the moment in time.

Another interpretation I made for this song was that Pink was saying that she was with this guy who SHE dumped, because she was just tired of the same thing. Hence the lyric “tried other pills” (dating other men). “This must be a bad trip. All of the other pills were different”. Perhaps she loved him, but she just didn’t.

I connected to this song because of an ex boyfriend I have had in the past. Although I liked him so much and thought he was the right person in my life, I was just turning into someone I should not have been to try and impress him. All my friends tried to tell me to just leave him because he was just not the right one, and although I saw that there was just a “shortage in the switch”, there was something about him that just made me “addicted” and leaving me “itching for more”. Song receives a 3 out of 5!




#4: The Song That Just Makes Me Want To Cry…

The song on Pink’s album that makes me want to just cry is “Dear Diary” and I just do not want to listen to it. It reminds me of my past and just makes me “wish I had a time machine”. I just cannot get into the song.

Pink’s past (teen hood) revolved around drugs, drinking, heavy partying, her parents getting divorced, and her almost dying because of drug overdose. That of course is not a typical teen’s life, so that was her inspiration for writing the song. To Pink, her diary was her “escape” and later on, this song as well. In one of the lyrics she states “Dear, dear diary I want to tell you my secrets, and I know you’ll keep them”. Other than the obvious literal meaning, I think the hidden meaning behind this lyric is that Pink does not trust anyone but her diary at that point in time because of her feeling of betrayal after her parent’s divorce. She might have blamed herself and just simply didn’t know who she could talk to because she was caught in between, she “didn’t know how to change what went wrong”. Another lyric she says is “Daddy’s little girl when he went away. What did it teach me? That love leaves.” She is the innocent one in this situation and just does not know what to do.

As previously discussed, Pink had a messed up past. Although majority of the events were in her control, she is back on track and has moved past that stage in her life. Unfortunately, she does not know how to deal with the fact that she cannot change that past. This leads to the reason why I dislike this song which is because it reminds me of some past experiences and any screw ups I have done. Similar to Pink, my parents divorced when I was at a very young age, I was just the innocent one in the situation but unfortunately I was stuck in the middle of it. Although I have to deal with my parents divorce every day, I do not want to and this song just makes me think about it more and I put myself to blame. I do not like the song because I just want to avoid thinking about it and want to avoid reality because I know I can’t change anything that has occurred. Maybe my past was not as bad as compared to Pink’s (I have never done drugs, etc.), but it still makes me very emotional. In addition, this song provides no challenge, it is completely straightforward with Pink’s use of simple lyrics. Hence, this song gets a rating of 2.5 out of 5!




#3: Favorite Song!

My favorite song on the album is definitely “Don’t Let Me Get Me”. I think this song is about her career struggles. She is sick of the image that people want her to be. Just as the title says, she doesn’t want to be her own obstacle. As I stated before, she just wants to break free from the stereotyping and not be “missundaztood”.

 The entire song is just her bringing herself down with lyrics such as “I can’t do nothin’ right”, “I’m my own worst enemy”, or “I’m a hazard to myself”. Maybe at times the stereotyping and her not fitting in gets to her at times, but overall I think she’s just saying that despite her not being perfect, she can’t let all the negative experiences and stuff bring her down; they can’t be a “hazard”. Her differences or her “not being able to take direction” don’t HAVE to be a negative aspect. At one point in the song she says “LA told me “You’ll be a pop star, all you have to change is everything you are”. Tired of being compared to damn Britney Spears, she’s so pretty, that just ain’t me”. Clearly, she just wants to be HERSELF and successful, not change everything about herself and be successful just because she’s singing what people WANT to hear.

 The reason why I chose this as my favorite song is just because I greatly connected to it. Pink is not singing about how much money or diamonds she has, she is being real and completely honest about her “negative” aspects. Pink just keeps bring herself down and “annoys” herself. That is exactly how I feel with myself most of the time, I am always so pessimistic about everything and it truly does annoy me. At times of failure, I feel like I am just not good enough (for example, failing a test and feeling like I’m the dumbest person in the world). I know I am not perfect and not like everyone else, but that doesn’t automatically have to be a negative aspect. Just like Pink, I think I’m my own worst enemy and my pessimism holds me back.


This song gets a rating of 4 out of 5!