#4: The Song That Just Makes Me Want To Cry…

The song on Pink’s album that makes me want to just cry is “Dear Diary” and I just do not want to listen to it. It reminds me of my past and just makes me “wish I had a time machine”. I just cannot get into the song.

Pink’s past (teen hood) revolved around drugs, drinking, heavy partying, her parents getting divorced, and her almost dying because of drug overdose. That of course is not a typical teen’s life, so that was her inspiration for writing the song. To Pink, her diary was her “escape” and later on, this song as well. In one of the lyrics she states “Dear, dear diary I want to tell you my secrets, and I know you’ll keep them”. Other than the obvious literal meaning, I think the hidden meaning behind this lyric is that Pink does not trust anyone but her diary at that point in time because of her feeling of betrayal after her parent’s divorce. She might have blamed herself and just simply didn’t know who she could talk to because she was caught in between, she “didn’t know how to change what went wrong”. Another lyric she says is “Daddy’s little girl when he went away. What did it teach me? That love leaves.” She is the innocent one in this situation and just does not know what to do.

As previously discussed, Pink had a messed up past. Although majority of the events were in her control, she is back on track and has moved past that stage in her life. Unfortunately, she does not know how to deal with the fact that she cannot change that past. This leads to the reason why I dislike this song which is because it reminds me of some past experiences and any screw ups I have done. Similar to Pink, my parents divorced when I was at a very young age, I was just the innocent one in the situation but unfortunately I was stuck in the middle of it. Although I have to deal with my parents divorce every day, I do not want to and this song just makes me think about it more and I put myself to blame. I do not like the song because I just want to avoid thinking about it and want to avoid reality because I know I can’t change anything that has occurred. Maybe my past was not as bad as compared to Pink’s (I have never done drugs, etc.), but it still makes me very emotional. In addition, this song provides no challenge, it is completely straightforward with Pink’s use of simple lyrics. Hence, this song gets a rating of 2.5 out of 5!





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