#5: Song I enjoyed!

Another song I really enjoyed was “Just Like a Pill” because I could relate to it. At the end, I was even singing along to it.

At first I did not fully understand this song and misinterpreted the meaning, thinking it was about drugs. After looking up the lyrics and reading them, the song seems like Pink was comparing an ex boyfriend to a pill. The lyrics “where you LEFT me”, “what have you DONE”, etc. are all in past tense,which is what led me to that thought. Although the lyrics are simple, the entire song is a metaphor, which is why I liked it. It provides a challenge to the meaning, hence making the song interesting.

In my opinion, this song is about Pink’s ex boyfriend who dumped her (cliche…yes, but it gets better). She was with this guy who meant everything to her and who she really cared about, but there was just something wrong and missing. She was so into this guy, that she blocked out everything in her life, friends, family, etc. and depended on him, and only him. But after being dumped, it seemed like a piece of her was missing. His “dose” was just not enough in the relationship. “’Stead of making me better, you’re making me ill”. That lyric explains what was wrong, Pink knew he wasn’t the right person in her life, but she was just so “addicted” to him (like a pill) and it was just making her crazy. Hence the lyrics “I can’t stay on your LIFE support, there’s a SHORTAGE in the switch. I can’t stay on your morphine ’cause it’s making me ITCH”. Once again, the same motif, his contribution to the relationship was just not enough, and she was just itching for more. In addition, another hidden thing I started to get a hint of was that Pink was comparing the nurse to her life and that “it was being a little bitch”. Nothing just seemed to fall into place for Pink at the moment in time.

Another interpretation I made for this song was that Pink was saying that she was with this guy who SHE dumped, because she was just tired of the same thing. Hence the lyric “tried other pills” (dating other men). “This must be a bad trip. All of the other pills were different”. Perhaps she loved him, but she just didn’t.

I connected to this song because of an ex boyfriend I have had in the past. Although I liked him so much and thought he was the right person in my life, I was just turning into someone I should not have been to try and impress him. All my friends tried to tell me to just leave him because he was just not the right one, and although I saw that there was just a “shortage in the switch”, there was something about him that just made me “addicted” and leaving me “itching for more”. Song receives a 3 out of 5!





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