#6: Final Impression and Reviews!

After listening to the album for two weeks in different environments; while driving, on the train going to school, on a rainy/lazy day at home, or just walking, I was effected in different ways. Some days I just could not stand listening to Pink because the album brought my mood down. However, some other days songs like “Don’t Let Me Get Me” and “Get This Party Started” woke me the hell up and made me smile.

This album was released in November 2001, and I think it was just released at a very wrong time. Two months previous to the album release, the tragic September 11th terrorist attacks occurred. I felt at this time, nobody really gave a crap about this album, people were grieving from the horrible results of the World Trade Center. Maybe that was why the album gradually gained more and more success over a period of time.

 Some reviews I found online:


“She has a growing gift for songwriting, a unique singing style, and I just love that little wobble in her voice.”

 “This album rocks, tunes are catchy and fun, got great beat and great heartfelt messages.
always a great album to listen to while driving.”

 “I just keep playing this CD. I am about twice as old as P!nk and think this album is just fantastic. The beat is perfect, and suits her voice exactly. I also listen to lyrics and this CD is not lacking in that area either.”

 Overall, I mostly agree with all the positive reviews. I believe Pink has a gift for songwriting and singing with her heartfelt messages. Majority of her lyrics I can relate to due to similar experiences throughout my life. Her raspy yet beautiful voice are great.



“When will artists realize that “Nobody understands my pain. Nobody likes me. I am so misunderstood and unappreciated” is not a good act to try to make a career out of. Pink is just trying to sell the rebel rocker thing too hard here. The only song I like is “Just Like a Pill,” and don’t ask me why I even like that. Her first CD was so much better. “

 “Pink has a good voice, but the “no one likes me, no one understands me” act is irritating and tiring. She tries so hard to be different, that it comes off as a pure ACT. She name-drops too much, but I give her credit for effort in writing lyrics that TRY to be controversial. If one is indeed so original and controversial, she wouldn’t have to try so hard, and it would show! “

 I both agree and disagree with some of the negative reviews that were made. The first negative review states that the album has a repetitive motif of “nobody understands my pain, nobody likes me”. Although it is true (as I said the same thing in the first blog), I believe Pink is an exception to these cliché motifs. She provides REAL and emotional experiences, which do say “nobody likes me” blah blah BUT she does incorporate lyrics that portray rebellion and that at the end, she will make it out okay no matter what, which makes me respect her. (Look at her now, she is successful, married, and has a healthy child).

 With some of my statements, I feel like I am contradicting myself but it is because of my mixed feelings for this album on different days and in different environments. Overall, I was neutral with this album at the end, I did not hate it nor did I like it. Pink wants to break free from the stereotypes and that is exactly what she did in this album, in my opinion. At times, I did get really tired of the same beats, the slow songs, and the same motif. However, I did enjoy songs that provided me with somewhat of a challenge behind their meaning and compared various things using metaphors. The album gets the same rating from when I started listening to it. 3.5 out of 5!





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