#1: Why I Chose Avril Lavigne’s “Let Go”

The album I chose to do for the personal album choice was Avril Lavigne’s “Let Go”. I am not very fond of these solo girl bands, however as soon as I saw the album title, I had a little flash of my childhood return to me. Throwback!!! It made me think of so many memories, both good and bad. The album came out in 2002, made me realize that I was only eight years old. Since I was in third grade at this time (WOW), it just reminded me of how awkward of a child I was and how awkward I probably looked when I listened to Avril Lavigne on my CD player. I wasn’t aware of that I guess, but I didn’t care; Avril was like a god to me at that age (I didn’t know better). I certainly did not realize how much of a pain in the ass I was when I would ask my dad to play the CD in the car every single time.

In my opinion, this was the best of all of Avril’s albums. The combination of punk, rock, pop, and country is great! Looks like the audiences agree with me because this was Avril’s most selling album, 19 million copies were sold worldwide! By this time, probably even more copies were sold. Not only that, but making a high spot on the billboard charts. Avril was struggling at this time to “find” herself, the album goes exactly with her style, image, etc. At this time, Avril was very similar to Pink in my opinion. Funny how someone in a review said Avril is “ borrowing Pink’s “tough girl” image” because that is one of the reasons why I chose this album. Despite their huge similarities, Avril strongly distinguishes herself. In her album, Avril wasn’t pretending to be something she’s not (at that time), which most artists do now-a-days just to make money. However, despite Avril being older and more mature, I think she is unfortunately a sell out and pretends too much now that she is so famous. Lastly, the reason why I chose this album was because of the fact that Avril Lavigne writes all her lyrics herself, that distinguishes her from other artists as well as shows how real the experiences and situations in her songs really are. I find it pretty amazing how creative and talented she is for her age at the time, she was only seventeen when this album was recorded. The album gets a rating of 4.5 out of 5!





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