#3: Most Calming Song! “Tomorrow”

Another song on this album I enjoy is “Tomorrow”. Although it sounds very depressing because of the acoustic guitars in the background and the slow beats, it makes me very relaxed and calm. Unlike the rest of the songs on this album, this song is very different. It is a slow song featuring Avril’s great soft vocals. Which in my opinion, makes the song even better because it just “fits”. It is very general, and not about a specific event, but in my opinion, just about the difficulties or hard decisions in life, keeping in mind the positive outcomes that the future or “tomorrow” holds. The chorus of the song basically sums up the entire message of the song and says:

 “I don’t know how I’ll feel

Tomorrow, tomorrow,

I don’t know what to say

Tomorrow, tomorrow

Is a different day”.

 To me these are very familiar and meaningful words. Whenever something goes wrong or not the way I would like it to, in my eyes, everything will be alright the next day. At those times, I just do not know what to say or even how to react, which is understanding why Avril would say she doesn’t know how she will feel or what to say. Just like what one of my tattoos says, and like my grand mother says “Sleep it off, tomorrow is a new day. Everything will be okay”. That is what I get from this chorus and it is very significant to me.

Looking through Avril’s point of view, her life at that age was very difficult. She had to earn everything she got, she didn’t just get to where she is now without any effort. It is amazing to me that Avril had a recording contract locked in when she was at the age of sixteen! That, of course had it’s downfalls such as Avril having to drop out of school after the eleventh grade. After having to make very difficult decisions in her teenage years, Avril always thought about “tomorrow” and what the future has in store for her because of her amazing talents and efforts, with constant motivation and determination. There are always situations and experiences in everyone’s lives that are not so great, but what personally gets me through my days, is thinking about my future and that I still have so many years left to live and learn. This song gets a high rating of 4 out of 5!





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