#5: Song That Makes Me Want To Cry

Although I have to admit that I haven’t listened to all the songs on the album (I skipped them when I was little), after listening to the songs now, I understood why I skipped specific songs when I was younger. Some of them just make me truly sad. This leads to the song that makes me want to cry, which is “I’m With You”.

The song starts off with “I’m standing on a bridge”. In my opinion, Avril is not standing on a literal bridge, it is a metaphor. The metaphor compares the bridge to her future. She feels like she is in the “dark” and cannot move on with her life without the support of that certain someone who she expects to be there, but just isn’t there yet. “It’s a damn cold night”. From my interpretation, this means Avril is so lonely and feels almost “cold” because of the emptiness of being alone. She just cannot figure our her life and wants that someone to “take her somewhere new” perhaps she is sick of the same stuff occurring in her life and how much she keeps getting pushed by others to become famous and “fit in” with the image of her record label. She just wants to go somewhere new, maybe not location wise but life wise or take a different approach on her new career. The lyric “Nothing’s going right, everything’s a mess” also fits very well with that. As for location wise, at this age and time, Avril Lavigne has just recently moved to New York City to pursue her music career. At sixteen, she was most likely homesick; away from friends, home, school, etc.

I think we can all connect to this song, we have all felt “alone” at times. The feeling of loneliness is so powerful and just takes over. I know I myself, at sixteen was single, although young, all my other close friends had boyfriends and I was the only one without a boyfriend for a very long period of time. Of course, I can’t say I’m lonely now because of my friends, family, and boyfriend supporting me, but sometimes the stress from school and other things overpower me and I just want to escape, just want to try something new or go somewhere new. The message in this song about Avril not finding her special someone yet is great however, no doubt about it, thinking about being alone scares me to death. Hence, this song just wanting to make me cry. Great song, but certainly not my favorite on the album. Rating of 3 out of 5!





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