#6: Where This Album Belongs. Kidz Bop…TRL…?

People do not seem to like Avril Lavigne too much now-a-days. As one person said “This album is for children that still watch Spongebob”. I disagree (I mean c’mon, I STILL watch Spongebob) but definitely think that the popularity of this album has subsided (perhaps because it is so old). Likewise, there are so many other artists out there to suit everyone’s liking of genres now and of course Avril has released many other albums since this one.


She doesn’t really play an instrument (she’s clearly faking it on stage and in her videos). She doesn’t even write her own music. All she does, as far as I can tell, is write some of the lyrics. Big deal. I’ll admit that some of the songs on this album are fun and catchy, but Avril has very little to do with that. Don’t believe me? Listen to Avril live in concert: Her voice is screechy, puny, and consistently out of tune.”

As for that review, I completely disagree. I have previously seen Avril Lavigne three times live in concert, she does NOT lip sing and certainly plays the instruments herself. I know because when she played piano and guitar, she messed up and even announced “oh well”. IT HAPPENS. And for her “consistently out of tune voice”, okay so she had a few times where she could not hit the extremely high note, but not very many people can master that. IT ALSO HAPPENS! Nobody is perfect.

Here is actually a video from when Avril makes a MINOR mistake while playing piano, she just laughs it off!

I mostly disagree with these reviews, but I do have to say that I also fairly agree with them as well. In this modern age with so many critical people, this album is perfect for teenagers specifically. If the show still existed, the album songs and most definitely the singles deserve to be played on TRL/MTV. Hearing her stuff once in a while can’t be THAT bad for adults and other critical people…this album is a throw back, a good one! Not only that, but also blasted on some rock radio station or just playing the CD while you’re driving on a highway, somewhere far, just singing along as loud as you can! I have to admit, I love this album, but since it has aged so much, it could also very well fit in on a “Kidz Bop” or a “NOW 345” (whatever number they are at now) CD being played by a young rebellious girl playing dress up and singing into a hairbrush.




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