#7: Why You Should Listen To This Album!

Although when I first discovered this album at the age of eight I did not exactly understand everything that Avril was singing about, obviously, as I went from the transition from child to teenager to now, I have learned many things and have experienced a lot. As I grew older and continued to listen to this album, I started to connect to “Let Go” more and more…that is the reason why I chose to write about this album; twelve years later and I still love this album!

Now to get to the reasons for my love of this album, every single song throughout this album tells a story, you can actually picture in your head what is going on, like a music video. I also find it amazing how much darkness and emotion could go into the songs without a single curse word. It is popular now to use a curse word every other word in songs just to “connect” with the audience, but Avril manages to get her point and message across without having to do that. Avril Lavigne does not sing about the shiny rims in her car, the diamonds on her neck, or the amount of shoes she has. She sings about personal problems, experiences, and connects to her audiences emotionally. Avril distinguishes herself from the great amount of other artists out there throughout this album which is why it is one of my favorites. Of course the subject of the album is typical; girl troubles, difficulties in life, and boys but it just grabs you in after you listen to it, with her soft voice, yet hard guitars and beats playing in the background Avril takes another approach on it, which makes her different, yet intriguing.

It does not even matter how many years ago this album came out, still great (other than the one sad song) and it will never get old. For Avril Lavigne’s first ever released album, it is outstanding! This was my very first CD I have ever bought, and growing up with it, it still gets the same rating as it did twelve years ago, and from the initial period from when I listened to it, two weeks ago, which is 4.5 out 5!


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