#2: Favorite Song…Everything in its Right Place

The first song that played on my iPod was “Everything In It’s Right Place”, which is my favorite song. Although I listen to mainly all types of music, my personal favorite is post-hardcore/screamo with a little pinch of electronica/trance. The electronic sounds, weird voice effects, and synthesizers in this song drew me in right away because that is the music I enjoy listening to.

The song starts off with an effect of what sounds like bits of Thom Yorke’s voice playing in reverse. The maybe hundred times I listened to this song, I could never make out what exactly he was saying. The first thing that jumped into my head, was this some time of subliminal message? (It is actually thought that Thom Yorke is saying “Kid A” repeatedly). The song then continues with “Everything in its right place”. My interpretation of this is that Thom Yorke just experienced something horrible and is trying to recover.

Later on in the song, it says “Yesterday I woke up sucking on a lemon”. I had no idea what the importance was of that lyric; but after thinking about a lemon, I thought…it is sour. Perhaps Thom Yorke compared the aftermath of whatever happened in his life and his emotions to a lemon simply because he was upset and it was clearly showing that he had a “sour face”.

My interpretation of the song was close, but quite wrong. After further research, I found that this song was written in response to how Yorke felt after a concert of his, absolutely drained and “burnt out”. The band was getting famous so fast that Thom could not take it anymore, he just did not know how to deal with it and did not know how to keep up with that accelerated pace.

The same lyrics re-occur in the song. Despite the repetition, I loved it! A lot of the time, for some reason this song would go on when I was studying or doing homework, the soft music was so relaxing and actually made me focus more. Surely, Radiohead cannot be compared to Owl City but the similar mellow background beats made me fall in love. The lyrics of the song are not very challenging, however, the message and motivation behind it is very emotional and powerful. This song actually reminds me of myself a lot because I get stressed out too much. Having to balance school, friends, family, working and many other things, I get overwhelmed very easy. Despite my phases of pessimism, after a while I am always determined that everything will fall right into place after I work hard enough. My life certainly does not compare to a rock star like Thom Yorke, but I can definitely connect to him and see how exhausted he feels.

Rating: 5 out of 5!









One comment on “#2: Favorite Song…Everything in its Right Place

  1. Jessica,

    So i went through the blog and it’s quite good– my biggest issue is you wrote these posts way too soon!

    Why not spend more time with the songs and the album before you start writing the posts?

    Imagine how much more you can get out of it? Imagine how much deeper you could go….

    While the work is solid, i think with another week or two you could have really found an amazing balance of insight, humor and accessibility for an album that has none of the above.

    Love the photo of Yorke in the other post.

    Really great job!

    I’ll have your grade ready shortly.



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