#3: Song I Would Listen To In The Spaceship After My Abduction

The most weirdest and disliked song: Kid A. The song starts off with a sweet space lullaby. Listening to it, I felt like I was drugged by aliens and was flying around in outer space in their spaceship. The beats are very sweet up until the robotic voice comes in. Of course, the numerous times I listened to this song, most of the lyrics were really hard to comprehend. Since my computer makes these weird transformer noises when I control the volume, I literally thought the robotic voice was just a problem with my computer.

As I tried to interpret the song before looking up the lyrics, I just could not understand what the significance of this song was. Basically, the only clear vocals I understood throughout the song were “shadows at the end of my bed”. I already knew the motivation for writing this album so I could only come to think that Thom Yorke was referring to his feelings of being drained and scared of the fast pace of his fame. The shadows at the end of his bed could be a simple metaphor to the fame and it is just haunting him as he is trying to go to sleep. Another interpretation could be that the shadows are a metaphor for the people who do not support Radiohead, despite the amount of passion they put into writing their music. More specifically, it could refer to Kid A because it was such an experimental album and a huge modification for the band. Perhaps, that is the reason why the lyric “shadows at the end of my bed” is so clear unlike the other ones…it is the overall message of this song.

I could not figure out what the song was about, so it made me think I am definitely not the only one. But maybe that is what the song is about, a metaphor to life and the world in general, trying to figure out what it is all about…the journey called life. However, I surely do not know what the context behind the crying baby and the robot has to do with anything.

At the end of the song, it says “the rats and children follow me out of town. Come on kids”. Now this sounded familiar, it made me think of the childhood tale, The Pied Piper of Hamelin perhaps. Hm? The story had many versions but the most known one is when a town is infested with rats so the Pied Piper comes to get rid of them for a small reward. As he plays his instrument, the rats slowly begin to follow him. He goes towards the river, causing all the rats to drown. My last interpretation, I think the Pied Piper is obviously compared to Thom Yorke and the rats are possibly compared to the bands’ “haters”. Just like rats, they continue to judge and gnaw on Thom, not leaving him alone (not accepting his fame).

For giggles I made this image:


According to Yorke, this song is his vision of the first cloned baby. The song is about our current and future technological advancements, as well as the dangers of them. As stated by a fan, “It questions what it means to be a human being in the context in which every relationship is mediated by technology and technical rationality”. In my opinion, I think there is a subliminal message throughout the song. This song is though to be a bit controversial because supposedly the lyric “I slipped on a little white lie” played backwards is “Andrew Little must be shot”. After listening, I just think people are over thinking it and trying to create something new out of it song, I did not hear the Andrew Little part. However, I did notice that the song played backwards literally sounds the same as played regularly. Weird….

The song is clever and is definitely something Yorke would write about. The song is different, but in a good way (sort of). However, after listening to this album for two weeks, majority of the time alone in my room, the robot voice and crying baby kind of scared me off. The song was just way to creepy for me.


Rating: 2.5 out of 5!














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