The Daily Show Entended Interview: Elon Musk

The extended interview I chose to do from the Daily Show with Jon Stewart was with Elon Musk. He is the co-founder of Paypal, founder and chief designer of Tesla Motors and Space X. The reason I Chose this interview was honestly, to make it interesting for myself. I have never heard of Elon Musk, however I have heard of Paypal, which I actually use on a daily basis. I was always curious to know who the founders of that business were, and here we go. As soon as I saw “co-founder of Paypal” in the list of interviews while browsing, I automatically clicked on it from curiosity.

Now who is Elon Musk? He is a freaking genius in my opinion. It all started when Musk was a little boy. He purchased his very first computer at only 10 years old and taught himself how to program by the age of 12. I am pretty sure at 10 years old, I was busy having tea with my stuffed animals, definitely not inventing software. But soon enough, Musk sold his space game he invented called Blasta to a computer magazine for $500! That was the start of his inventions, interest in space as well as the internet. Musk founded Tesla Motors, in which he designed the Tesla Roadster, the first reliable electric car. Now, at only 40 years old, Elon Musk is known to have invented a space program, which will soon launch a space craft into orbit. Usually countries tend to launch space crafts, not a SINGLE individual (even Jon Stewart pointed that out), which I find completely amazing. Launching a spacecraft is quite the pretty penny, and Musk got that money from the capital made by Paypal. The question I would have liked to know was also asked by Jon Stewart which was how did he go from Paypal to space? Elon Musk thought the internet, sustainable energy, and space exploration could make human life even better by making it multi-planetary and that is how he came to invent what he invented. As stated by Elon Musk, the goal of Space X is to ensure that the lives of humans continue not just by solving problems on earth but by adventure, discovering new things and aspiration. As a matter of fact, Space X is the first non-governmental program that used a liquid fueled rocket to be launched into orbit! Eventually, the goal will be to make civilization on mars. Jon Stewart responds to that “Really? New York City…that shitty. Why not the moon…a little closer?”. Musk intellectually responds that the moon has no atmosphere, thus no resources could be provided by it. We technically won’t be abandoning earth, but sort of “starting over” and making human life multi-planetary. If Elon Musk’s mission is successful in however many years, I don’t think I can even comprehend how rich he will be, he will be an absolute MEGA billionaire.

Aside from his inventions, Robert Downey Jr.’s role of Tony Stark in the movie “Iron Man” was actually based on Elon Musk because “he is so intelligent and makes no sense when he talks”, as said by Robert Downey Jr. The producers wanted the character in the movie to seem realistic so that is why they based it on Musk.

Elon Musk is a determined and motivated individual. He certainly makes me want to go out and invent something, although I am not going to of course. After doing some research, I actually came up to find that Time Magazine named Elon Musk one of the “World’s Most Influential People” in 2010. I completely agree with that! Just like Jon Stewart said, Elon Musk really does seem like some type of X-Man.







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