#4: The Song that Makes Me Want To Cry…

Another song, which I enjoy but makes me want to cry is Morning Bell. The song starts off with “Light another candle. Release me”, I do not know what that means but can only come to the conclusion that it is a religious reference. The song then continues to say “you can keep the furniture” and “bump on the head”, which in my opinion, refers to a divorce. A “bump on the head” could symbolize the physical fighting that was going on. The lyric “release me” is constantly being repeated, which I think means that Thom just does not want to be held and imprisoned by his wife or girlfriend’s chains any longer. Just like mentioned later on in the song, “nobody wants to be a slave” and neither does Thom. He is sick and tired of being the one who mainly contributes to the relationship.

Thom is then trying to find the car, trying to get away. “Clothes are all over the furniture”, so perhaps his clothes is everywhere being thrown around. Seems like Thom is getting kicked out but then he remembers about his dear children. “Cut the kids in half”, in my opinion suggests that if the parents do split up, the kids’ time will also be split up, they will have to share their valuable time with both adults.

I can easily interpret this song because it is something I dealt with at a very young age, too young. Although I did not fully understand everything, I began to connect the dots. At that age, I saw and heard things I should not have; my parents were constantly arguing over things I didn’t comprehend, yelling and just fighting 24/7. Then one day, I saw clothes everywhere and my dad packing. Everything happened so slow, yet so fast. Now, being almost ten years since their divorce, I realized how well I dealt with the situation and how much I learned. I was “cut in half” like the song said. My time had to be shared with both my mom and dad, even up until this day. It is difficult, it really is. The song is great , with a lot of emotion in it. However, it makes me picture everything that went on, which I do not really want to think about. Which is why I do not like this song.

After doing some research, I learned that Thom has a long term girlfriend (it is not known if they are married) whom which he has two kids with. Thom has never been married, which leads me to think that this song is not about going through divorce, but maybe the desire to get divorced at times where he feels pressured and stressed. The reason Thom doesn’t want to get married is possibly because he does not want his marriage to lead to divorce. He does not want to be labeled, and believes that you don’t have to be married to love a person. Everyone knows that relationships can get tough and at times you just need time alone to think. Perhaps Thom, at one point, felt as if he was being taken advantage of and didn’t receive enough credit.

Rating 3.5 out of 5!





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