#6: Song that… ???

The song I really cannot even have an opinion for and dislike is Treefingers. The song starts off soft, and has basically the same beat throughout the entire song, ambient slow sounds. Just like Kid A, it has this sort of space-like feel to it. While listening to the song, the title reminded me of a huge tree in a Twilight-looking forest with huge roots; with Bella creepily standing there and Edward weirdly sparkling. Those roots symbolize fingers and are just slowly moving on their own. I really do not know the meaning or reason for this song because it has no lyrics. Perhaps it is just a little segway song Radiohead created for the next song on the album, which is Optimistic.

The song could be interpreted to be optimistic, it is really relaxing and peaceful, definitely something I would listen to while doing yoga. However, this song is definitely not something I would blast on my iPod while walking on the street. It really has no use for me and I think it is two minutes and thirty-two seconds of nothing. I have to admit though, since Treefingers is a fully instrumental song, it was the soundtrack of my train ride one morning. Everyone in the train, including me was so miserable to be going to work or school. Everyone’s sluggish movements fit perfectly with the slow song, as if people heard my iPod headphones and were purposely moving to it. Someone in a review actually said:

Sounds like they got too lazy to write a real song, so they said “hey, let’s make random guitar noises and call it abstract. Don’t get me wrong though, Radiohead is awesome”.”

I actually agree with that person’s opinion. Seems like Radiohead just clicked random buttons on a computer or synthesizer to create this song. (It is actually speculated that a lot of the lyrics on the album have just been picked out of a hat). In an interview with Ed O’Brien, the guitarist and backup vocalist, actually said that this song was all done with guitar. It was at first a guitar solo by him and then Thom recorded about ten minutes of it and then cut and paste it into a sampler to create this ambient song.

Overall, I think this song belongs in some soundtrack and that is exactly what happened, it is the original soundtrack in the movie “Memento”. This song is nothing but a bunch of random noises to me.

Rating 1.5 out of 5!




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