#7: Impression After One Week…

After a week of listening to the album, I got more and more into the album. I actually noticed that I was humming Everything in its Right Place the other day. Thanks professor Dunphy!

I have listened to the album in various venues such as my room, on the train, in school, and just walking on the street. I have to say, the album sounds like crap listening through iPod headphones, it is so much better sounding through loud speakers or my boyfriend’s noise-canceling DJ headphones, you hear everything! I have noticed that for some reason, listening to Kid A on the train always annoyed me and I always wanted to skip all the songs. I guess it was because majority of the time, I was miserable going to school so early in the morning. Only at home, school, and other places I could listen to the album fully in peace and actually enjoy it.

Everything in its Right Place got a lot better. At times when I was down or studying, it just seemed to cheer me up, give me more energy, and the upbeat music and sort of fast vocals gave me a little more optimism.

Kid A got a little more creepier to me after a week of listening. It actually kind of scared me thinking about the future. One of my biggest fears is growing up and just change in general. Now that I know the meaning of the song, it makes me picture the future world as it was portrayed in the movie “Artificial Intelligence”. The beginning of the movie starts off with showing New York City, destroyed and abandoned. If Kid A was played at that very scene, it would have been perfect. The baby in the song, as I picture it, is played by Haley Joel Osment. Hopefully we won’t get THAT advanced so soon.

Overall, majority of the songs on the album, I did like. There was something about each song that made me like it, something different, each song had its very own personality. I think this album is definitely a work of art, just not at the first listen. You have to listen to the album more than once to get into it.

Rating: Still…4 out of 5!


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