#8: Wrap-Up

Radiohead has a purpose for all their music. Their previous album Ok Computer was so different from Kid A that people just did not know what to think of the album at first. But after listening, people enjoyed it. People enjoyed it so much, that the album won a Grammy for best alternative album. Not only that, but it also won album of the year. It is shocking to me, that Radiohead changed up their music so much from their previous album and gained so much success so fast. Usually, devoted fans either HATE or absolutely LOVE new music of their favorite artists.

The album is random as hell and experimental, yet so successful. It is actually considered to be a very challenging album, but in my opinion, some songs just do not belong. Those couple of songs that I do not like just have no challenge and are TOO simple or have a cliché experience (divorce in Morning Bell). However, the songs that I do like are extremely enjoyable; they pose a challenge, as well as an underlying theme that a successful album does not have to have a specific structure or theme. Despite Radiohead being very political, each song is not about that, but about something different and in general life and what’s to come. Although there really is no theme, I have noticed that in every song, Thom sings as if he feels defeated, almost close to giving up, but he continued to write music and show all of his feelings. At the end, however, he proves that he is alright and has that determination and motivation to keep on going. I have to admit that the songs I ended up hating, I knew from the first listen I wouldn’t like them. The songs I loved, all made a great first impression to me. These songs “uniqueness” just drew you into this “world of Radiohead” and everything else gets paused and muted. Overall, I have come to appreciate the album way more than when I first listened to it. The album is certainly unlike anything I have ever listened to, it is very different, but in a good way. Just keep in mind, some songs may be a little strange at first impression and only after the first full listen the album seem like it is a masterpiece and is worth listening to. However, after listening to it for a while a listener will be able to distinguish that. There is definitely a song for everyone on this album, you will certainly make a deep connection to your life with at least one song. The soothing sounds, space-like beats, Thom Yorke’s sweet voice, and the ambiance of the album are perfect if you are feeling sad and alone, this album is definitely something you should listen to because it will definitely calm you done and cheer you up!


Rating 4.5 out of 5!






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